Águilas re-opens tourist information office
Maps and leaflets are available from the tourist office and beaches are fully open Águilas has re-opened its tourist information office again and has implemented revised opening hours for the immediate future as well as increased security measures inside the tourist office to ensure staff and..

Águilas re-opens its beaches in phase 2 for swimming and sport
Águilas has 36 beautiful beaches and coves Each town hall of the Murcia region has full discretion about how and when it opens its beaches, and in Águilas, which has 36 beautiful beaches and a vast coastline, the town hall has opted for a relaxed approach.   Águilas has a series of..

Help for local businesses: what is an ERTE
ERTEs are likely to affect millions of employees in Spain during a prolonged coronavirus crisis As it becomes ever clearer that the coronavirus crisis in Spain will create significant issues for businesses long-term, many companies are taking advantage of the “ERTE” Temporary Employment Regulation..

Donald Trump amongst the bling at Águilas Carnival 2020
Glitter is back on the menu in Águilas this year As normal, the Carnival peñas in Águilas put on a  fabulous display for 2020, with a completely new set of costumes and dance routines. Last year costumes generally followed an environmental theme, many of them including recycled materials..