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27th July Free rock in the castle of Calasparra: Cuervarrozk 2019 Start time: 23.00 Venue: open air auditorium in the castle of Calasparra Entry: free of charge The 23rd edition of Cuervarrozk brings three great live bands to this magnificent open-air auditorium overlooking the surrounding countryside;..

The nature reserve of the riverbank woodland in CañaverosaA lush green environment on the banks of the upper reaches of the Segura in Calasparra and Moratalla Cañaverosa is the only one of the three nationally recognized nature reserves in the Region of Murcia to be located on land, with the other two both..

Weekly street market in Calasparra Friday is market day in Calasparra: fresh fruit and veg and a range of other goods For many expats and visitors, one of the great joys of shopping in Spain is the opportunity to buy fresh products and bargain clothes in the weekly local markets, which..

Plaza de la Corredera Calasparra The principal plaza of the old quarter of Calasparra This is the most important plaza in the town of Calasparra and is centrally located in the heart of the old quarter. It has been re-modelled several times, and today contains modern sunshades..

Understanding the Funeral Process in Spain In Spain, it is the norm to plan ahead for your funeral. It’s all part of making things easier for the family and loved ones. The cost of a funeral in Spain continues to rise and most Spanish families take out some kind of funeral plan to cover..

Hospitals, Region of MurciaAll major hospitals have A&E Emergency Departments Listed below are all the public hospitals in the Region of Murcia which have full Emergency services cover, plus two of the more widely used private hospitals, to which expats are often referred for tests..

EHIC, TSE, SIP, S1Vital documents to obtain healthcare cover in Spain EHICs, SIPs and TSEs Ensuring you have access to health care is one of the most important priorities for anyone moving to, or even visiting Spain. There is a lot of confusion around entitlements to.. 17/08/2013

Weekly markets north and north-west Murcia Regular markets in the north and north-west of Murcia Not all weekly markets are set in stone, and if they coincide with public holidays they may be cancelled or postponed. In addition, days can change, so if you're not sure a call to the relevant..

Romería, Virgen de la Esperanza, Calasparra, 1st May May Romería de la Virgen de la Esperanza On the 1st May, the Virgen de la Esperanza is brought down from her sanctuary in Calasparra to the town below, where she will remain until the first Sunday in June when she again returns to her sanctuary..

Calasparra, Hours of Mass Masses in Calasparra Use clicks to individual churches for maps and location details. Summer hours of mass: Iglesia y Convento de la Merced Monday to Friday 7pm during the winter and 8pm during the summer. Click La Merced, Calasparra..

Calasparra Tourist Office Calasparra tourist information office The Calasparra tourist information office is located in the Casa Granero, a former rice mill and storehouse, as well as a residential property. A full range of leaflets are available about places to visit in Calasparra..

Calasparra Rice Calasparra is famous for its distinctive bomba rice One of the most photographed views in Calasparra is that of the rice fields which fringe the River Segura, startling green belts of vivid colour during the late spring, producing a distinctive rounded..

Fiestas in Calasparra Calasparra Fiestas and Traditions Calasparra has a number of Fiestas and festivals throughout the year, intertwining its rich history with the local traditions which define the town, namely the agricultural links of Calasparra, rice growing and livestock..

Romería to the Sierra of San Miguel, Calasparra Calasparra, this is a new Romería to the Hermitage of San Miguel This is a new Romería which started in Calasparra during 2002 following the restoration of the Ermita, the little hermitage , which looks out over the Sierra. A good number of..

Order of San Juan de Jerusalén in Murcia The Order of Saint John the Hospitaller in the Region of Murcia Order of San Juan de Jerusalén (Murcia 1244 - 1851) The Knights of this order are known to us in English as the Knights of the Order of Saint John the Hospitaller and grew from..

Fiestas Patronales de los Santos Mártires San Abdón y San Senén, Calasparra Fiestas in honour of the Patron Saints, the Holy Martyrs San Abdón and San Senén, Calasparra 30th July. The traditional saints’ day fiestas of San Abdón and San Senén have been held in the municipality of Calasparra..

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